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What is the difference between Signed Exact English and American Sign Language?

Patricia De La Garza

Blog Managing Intern

SEE is simply a way of signing the English language. It is not really its own language, rather an extension of one which already exists. SEE uses the exact grammar structure and vocabulary of the English language. It is simply used to communicate English non-verbally. SEE is more “by the book.” It uses possessions, plurals, the verb “to be,” and pronouns. SEE includes –ed, –ing, and -s endings as well, which is not done in American Sign Language.

ASL has its own grammar structure, its own syntax, and semantics. It is visual and gestural language which uses facial expressions to communicate effectively with others. ASL is capable of telling a story and painting a picture for individuals while SEE follows the English language. SEE is more of a visual tool for individuals to see the English language while ASL is its own unique language created by deaf people for deaf people.





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